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5 destinations to travel with eDreams Prime and save a lot of money



5 destinations to travel with eDreams Prime and save a lot of money

New York, Prague, London, Rome or Paris are just some of the most requested destinations by travelers who are looking forward to traveling the world again, and even more so now that the ideal dates are approaching to make a getaway and start preparing for future trips.
That is why, knowing that we all like to travel and even more, to save when we travel, eDreams Prime was born, a program with which you can save a lot of money through exclusive discounts on flights and hotels, which also has great advantages for travelers.

Destinations to travel with eDreams Prime

Although you have thousands of options and combinations, in this post we are going to leave you some examples of trips and getaways that we believe are perfect to do at any time of the year. The eDreams Prime
discounts on flights and accommodation are applied to all of them , both for the traveler and for their companions, so we assure you, you will never have traveled cheaper. So that you can see some examples, we have focused on searches for the December long weekend, but you can search for any time of the year and be amazed at the prices and discounts

1. Prague

With the Vltava River as the main artery of the city, Prague is one of the most special destinations that a traveler can dream of. It does not matter if you travel as a couple, alone or with friends, this beautiful city, with an old town declared a World Heritage Site, awaits you to give you unforgettable moments.
These are some of the places to visit in Prague that we recommend you not to miss:

  • old town square
  • Powder Tower
  • Municipal House
  • jewish quarter
  • clementine
  • Bridge of Carlos
  • kampa island
  • Mala Strana
  • Prague Castle
  • Strahov Monastery
  • Mount Petrin
  • Wenceslas Square
  • dancing house

If you have more days, we recommend you make a trip to Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, the Terezín Concentration Camp or Kutná Hora, all of them included among the best places to see in the Czech Republic .

  • Prime offer: from 231 euros per person. Dates: from December 3 to 8. The offer that we would choose: 360.79 euros (14% discount).*
  • Recommended time: 3 days
  • Best time: spring, autumn or Christmas dates. Remember that in summer the city usually receives a lot of tourism.
  • Information: Prague Guide

2. Budapest

Without a doubt, this is another of the best cities to travel to at Christmas thanks to the decoration, the lights and of course, the Christmas market in Vörösmarty Square where you can stroll among hundreds of stalls.
But if you can’t travel at that time, don’t worry, since the pearl of the Danube , as the city is known, falls in love at any time of the year and both Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube river, will be the protagonists of your trip.
Among the places to visit in Budapest that you cannot miss are:

  • Budapest Parliament
  • chain bridge
  • Vaci Utca
  • Gellert Spa and Széchenyi Spa
  • jewish quarter
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Opera
  • Andrassy Avenue
  • buddha castle
  • Fisherman’s Bastion

Although you can visit the most important parts of the city in 2-3 days, in case you have more days, if you travel for example on the December long weekend, we recommend you make a trip to Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre; visit the Sissi Palace or go to Szentendre. Another option, depending on how many days you have, would be to combine this city with Prague or Vienna.

  • Prime offer: from 232.59 euros per person. Dates: from December 3 to 8. The offer that we would choose: 280.86 euros (12% discount).*
  • Recommended time: 2-3 days
  • Best time: spring, autumn or the end of November-December to enjoy the Christmas markets.
  • Information: Budapest Guide

3. New York

If there is a destination that most travelers dream of, it is New York. The Big Apple, the city of skyscrapers and the city that never sleeps, is one of the most visited and demanded places, especially from the end of November, a unique time during which you can enjoy Christmas lights and an atmosphere that we assure you will make May this city become one of your favorites in the world.

Although it is a city with thousands of things to do and discover and where you could spend years, with good planning, in 5-7 days you will be able to get to know many of the most important places to visit in New York , such as:

  • Central Park
  • times square
  • brooklyn
  • Top of the Rock and Empire State Building
  • Fifth Avenue
  • harlem
  • soho
  • Broadway
  • Statue of Liberty
  • wall street

4. Rome

Known for being one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Rome is a perfect destination at any time of the year and in any situation, which is why it has become one of our favorite cities in the world. And if you add to that the friendliness of its people and its gastronomy, one of the most delicious in the world, it is clear that it is a destination that will surely become one of your favorites.
It is also easily accessible on foot, since a large part of its tourist attractions are located in the center, making it a perfect destination for any type of traveler.
Among the places to visit in Rome that you cannot miss are:

  • Coliseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Fontana di Trevi
  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon of Agrippa
  • Trastevere
  • Vatican
  • Spain Square

5. Mexico, another destination with eDreams Prime offers

Do you want to relax and not think about anything during your vacation? If so, without a doubt, Mexico is your destination. Although you could do some route around the country depending on the days you have, if the idea is to make a trip of 7-10 days, we recommend you focus on Riviera Maya  where you can enjoy places like Valladolid, Chichen Itzá , Izamal, Laguna Bacalar, Tulum, Cobá and paradisiacal beaches like Xpuha, Xcacel and Akumal.

Keep in mind that if you are going to travel in high season or on specific dates such as the December long weekend, it is highly recommended to book early as prices tend to increase quite a bit, especially for flights and accommodation, and availability is more limited than at other times. of the year.

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Travel Guide: A whirlwind tour of Porto, Portugal



Travel Guide: A whirlwind tour of Porto, Portugal

Often lurking in the shadows of better-known Lisbon, the coastal city of Porto is by no means its poorer cousin. It’s a fascinating blend of culture, history and a vibrant dining scene. And he’s remarkable considering he’s lent his name to his country and its world-famous alcohol exporter.

His second city in Portugal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the northwestern corner of the country at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. His convenient two-and-a-half-hour flight from the UK is an attractive option for a quick tour.

These are some of the prime places for interests, tastes and experiences to add to your agenda.

check the view
Getting high is one of his best ways to orient himself, and in Porto he has plenty of options. The majestic arched steel bridge Ponte Don Luis crosses the Douro River with his double decker. Designed by a pupil of Gustave Eiffel, this bridge is one of his six that span the waterways of Porto. Choose the top level of the bridge and enjoy first impressions of the luscious Douro River and its banks as you follow the rattling yellow-green tram.

A beautiful public park dotted with palm trees, the Jardim do Morro welcomes you on the other side and offers another excellent vantage point with a postcard view of the Ribeiro in front. The twisted merchant houses, colorful terraces and historic skyline of this old district are beautiful from every angle, especially from the quiet green space of Jardim do Morro. Check out landmarks like the needle-thin Baroque bell tower and the Torre de los Clerigos, which pierces the view from the top of the hill.

Glide over jagged terracotta roofs back to earth and descend into the Vila Nova de Gaia district on a 5-minute cable car ride picked up at the Jardim do Morro entrance.

enjoy porto

Along the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the Douro River, it’s impossible to go more than a few steps without encountering fortified wines and the name of the city. The entire riverfront and surrounding area is dominated by the familiar names of myriad port wine cellars, each offering tours and tastings. It is imperative to sample and learn at least one or two.

If the multiple options seem overwhelming, Sandeman is a good place to start. Here, tour the airy cobblestone cellars and museum and learn about the history of alcohol advertising, led by the mysterious cloaked hero that is synonymous with the Sandemann logo. As The Sports Hat Guide explains, Sandeman was one of the first wine brands to label and promote his products.

Port is a traditional drink, but don’t miss the stylish converted shipping container bar out front where mixologists have put a modern twist on the ancient drink with an array of interesting cocktails.The Sandeman Sangria or Port and Sandeman Fizz’s Stimulate your taste buds with a combo.

The port house next door, Porto Cruz, catches the eye. Its striking blue-tiled façade soars to an open-air rooftop bar. On a warm day, enjoy his 360-degree views of the Douro River and towering bridges, and sip your famous drink to the soundtrack of the resident DJ’s slow beats.

where to eat
When you’ve worked up an appetite, find the epitome of Porto’s emerging food scene at the historic Mercado Beira Rio. The small food hall dates back to his 1800s, and from plump shrimp to cakes to cod pies to vinho verde to cheese plates to ice cream, vendors offer something for every palate. Sit at one of our indoor or outdoor tables and follow your senses to find what you like.

Go to Miss’Opo for dinner. This casual restaurant is both a guest house and a minimalist clothing store, but its main draw is creative Portuguese cuisine. With a unique, hand-drawn scrapbook-style menu that changes frequently, your experience here is sure to be one of a kind. From spicy risottos to rich Portuguese sausages, enjoy fresh flavors amidst industrial concrete walls and quirky, mismatched furnishings.

You can spend hours at leisure in Poroto. With its multi-level terrace and its own beach, Praia da Luz his bar and restaurant is designed for lounging. Order the fresh local specialty sardines with a spicy tomato sauce, wash it down with a fresh green wine, then sit back and watch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy the Douro River
Drinking Douro every day is a must in Porto, so set your alarm.

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The best free tours in Spanish in Europe



The best free tours in Spanish in Europe

More and more cities have free tours in Spanish among their most contracted and best valued excursions. These guided tourist routes, which do not have a fixed price, have become a perfect option through which you can get to know the most famous places while learning the history, anecdotes and legends of the city.
In addition, we cannot forget something very important and that is that free tours are a perfect way to save money on your trip, since the price is the will . That yes, as much as it is like that, try to scratch your pocket a little and have the good will to value a good guide and that thebest free tours in Spanish in Europe continue to exist.

All the specific data of the free tours, such as their duration, meeting point, ways to reserve… etc. You can find them in each of the links that lead to the free tours in Spanish .

Free tour of Amsterdam Free!

Known for being one of the most open cities in the world, Amsterdam is also a city that never disappoints. Canals, flowers, places full of charm and terraces where you can sit and enjoy watching life go by, are just some of the many things that await you in this incredible city.

Amsterdam free tour itinerary

Starting at the Train Station, this free tour of Amsterdam will continue through Zeedijk street until reaching the Oudekerk church, the oldest in the city of Amsterdam and the starting point of the Red Light District, one of the most controversial locations. from the city.
From here you will continue the route entering the Chinatown, and then continue through the Nieuwmarkt, the Jewish Quarter, where the Rembrandt house and the Waterlooplein flea market are located, and then arrive at the Flower Market, one of the most iconic points and beautiful of the city.
The free tour of Amsterdam in SpanishIt will end in Dam Square, another of the best known places in the city, where you can’t stop taking hundreds of photos, which will be one of the many memories of your trip to the city.

Free tour of Barcelona Free!

Cosmopolitan city where they exist, Barcelona is one of those destinations that will not disappoint you, whatever you are looking for and it is an ideal city for all types of travellers.

Itinerary Free tour of Barcelona

Starting in the emblematic Plaza de Catalunya, this free tour of Barcelona will take you to see some of the most interesting points of the city such as Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, where you can see the Plaza de Sant Jaume, the Cathedral of Santa Eulàlia or the Plaza del Rey in addition to entering the incredible Call or Jewish quarter.
The free tour of Barcelona ends at the famous Els Quatre Gats and the Palau de la Música Catalana.

Free tour of Berlin Free!

Berlin, a city in constant evolution after its destruction in World War II, is known as the city of a thousand faces , as well as being one of the most visited destinations in Europe and a place with one of the most heartbreaking stories in the world. .

Berlin free tour itinerary

The route of this free tour of Berlin in Spanish begins in the Lusgarten gardens, on the Museum Island, where after learning about the history of the city and many details about it, you will continue the itinerary to Bebelplatz, a place known for the famous burning of books that took place during Nazism.
You will continue the tour of the city until you reach Checkpoint Charlie, another of the city’s iconic places, and continue to the Berlin Wall, where you will continue to learn details of the city’s history, until you reach the
Holocaust Memorial and then continue to Unter den Linden.
The free tour of Berlin will end at the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most famous and emblematic points of the city.

Free tour of Bruges Free!

Known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, and dare we say even in Europe and the world, Bruges is a perfect getaway from lively Brussels, where you can spend a day or several enjoying its incredible and magical atmosphere. .

Bruges Free Tour Itinerary

This Free Tour of Bruges in Spanish begins in the beautiful Grote Markt square, the nerve center of the city, to continue through the canal area, one of the most beautiful in the city, and continue to Minnewater, known as the Lake of Love.
From here and after getting to know the area, the history and many curiosities about the city, the Bruges Free Tour will take you back to the Grote Mark, where it will come to an end.

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8 amazing places to travel and discover in 2022



8 amazing places to travel and discover in 2022

What are the best places to travel in 2022? That’s the question Vogue posed to a group of hospitality experts , and their answers are literally very mixed. Some are classic destinations where new hotels have opened , others are emerging areas that are on the verge of becoming trendy tourist attractions . Black Tomato , a travel agency known for offering extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trips, has its sights on Romania.)

Here are 8 ideas for the best places to travel , from a little-known Caribbean island, to a vibrant Mexican city, to the top of the world.

Merida, Mexico

‘ Merida, Mexico , continues to fly under the radar, despite its proximity to incredible Mayan ruins and neon-blue cenotes. In addition, it has a unique culinary offer , ranging from perfectly fried churros in street carts, to the most refined versions of traditional dishes by chefs like Pedro Evia, whose restaurant, Kuuk, is a critical favorite. Look out for some great accommodation options, including rooms in sprawling historic haciendas and small, stylish apartments in the city.’ —Laura Motta, Lonely Planet Content Director


‘We have long admired the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada for its understated appeal, powdery shores and sensory stimulation upon arrival, where the sweet air smells of sea salt, nutmeg and mace. But now, more than ever, the sheer popularity of the Caribbean means that Grenada is poised to be ‘the hot spot’ to visit , with so much more to do than fly and flop on the beach. Plus, it’s a 4-hour, 30-minute direct flight from New York. Miles of unobstructed beaches are juxtaposed with rich, unspoiled tropical forests that are ideal for intrepid experiences and opportunities for retribution.’ —*Black Tomato*

Easter Island

‘Due to its small and remote location, Easter Island has been closed for most of COVID. For now, the plan is to reopen to visitors in February. 2022 also marks the 300th anniversary of when the island was first ‘discovered’ by Europeans (1722). Nayara Hangaroa is the perfect starting point for exploring the island: from guided tours of Taharoa to quad biking around the island, past secret caves and remote beaches , to watching the sunrise over the moai.’ —Misty Belles, CEO of Virtuoso


‘Transylvania, birthplace of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (actually Vlad the Impaler), is steeped in extraordinarily rich history and this year Romania hosts its ninth UNESCO World Heritage Site , the Roșia Montană Mining Landscape . The area has seen a recent surge in customer interest and Romania is, in fact, the most biogeographically diverse country in the European Union and one of the best places in Europe for wildlife viewing, for those in the know.’

‘The newly opened, Bethlen Estates , a luxurious and revitalized manor house, is the place to stay . The idea and vision of Gladys and Nikolaus Bethlen, wife and son of the late Earl Miklos Bethlen, have made it their life’s work to keep their ancestral ties alive and help preserve the region’s incredibly important biodiversity .’ —Black Tomato


‘I think Antarctica will be a tourist destination in 2022 . There are exciting new ways to explore the White Continent: Ponant and his new ship, Silversea’s Antarctica Bridge cruise ship, which overlooks Drake Passage, and White Desert for the experience on land. There is an untouched purity to the destination that makes it feel worlds away from the rest of life, not to mention a global pandemic, making travelers want to make the journey.’ —Misty Belles, CEO of Virtuoso

napa valley

The Napa Valley hotel scene is accelerating. Stanly Ranch, an Auberge Collection Resort, will debut in spring 2022 at the historic estate, Stanly Ranch Winery, a 700-acre private ranch dating back to the 19th century. This comes on the heels of other openings, such as Napa Valley’s first Four Seasons . Meadowood recently reopened and there have been a handful of major renovations at properties like Solage and Poetry Inn’. —Misty Belles

Okavango Delta, Botswana

We are seeing a huge increase in customers booking epic trips in 2022 to Botswana , marking the great return of safaris in a truly wish list -worthy place . Botswana is the quintessential safari destination, an ideal place to enjoy a slower, more leisurely pace of travel, and perfect for multi-generational families too. Start your adventure in the fabulous Okavango Delta, which has just welcomed the impressive new, Xigera Safari Lodge, and visit the Makgadikgadi swamps for incredible day and night safaris, where you will meet the extraordinary fauna that inhabits this landscape. apparently barren.’ —Black Tomato


‘ Paris is also luring visitors into its restaurants and museums with a full vaccination schedule, with a stay at LVMH ‘s newest jewel , Cheval Blanc , being a must .’ —Misty Belles

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