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7 Days in Meghalaya – A Travel Itinerary



7 Days in Meghalaya - A Travel Itinerary

It is not fairly often that we have a tendency to hear the name of an area and create a shot to seek out its which means. Well, Meghalaya, a stunning state tucked in North East Indies is certainly one in every of the only a few places that left Pine Tree State in awe once I detected its the terribly 1st time and puzzled what it’d mean. associate degree abode of clouds, it actually is, justifying the name that it carries. This state in North East Indies may be a destination that each somebody should visit World Health Organization is on a hunt for scenic beauty likewise as journey. This abode of clouds may be a treasure within the North East, accepted for its pristine waterfalls, winding roads, cleanest village in Asia and better of landscapes that you’d witness throughout your visit across the state. Meghalaya may be a place wherever time freezes over crystal clear stream waters and therefore the heart skips a beat every time you witness a stunning body of water gushing down mightily from sharp cliffs. a visit to Meghalaya are going to be one in every of your best experiences and value it slow.

The state is jam-packed with hidden spots and far-out locations and to explore them completely it’d take nearly a month. however not everybody will spare most day trip of their schedule. And thus, to assist individuals arrange their trip to Meghalaya in a very short span whereas not missing out on the simplest of places within the state, i’m chalking out a seven day travel itinerary for Meghalaya.


Fly to Guwahati in state from wherever you’ll be able to head to Shillong by road. There ar many choices once it involves covering the journey between Guwahati to Shillong. you’ll be able to reserve a taxi which might ideally take authority 2000 to drop you to your edifice or Police Bazar (the main market area) in Shillong. you’ll be able to additionally hop onto a shared cab/sumo from the flying field, train station or Paltan Bazar in Guwahati, that shouldn’t value you over authority two hundred. There ar buses on the market too from ISBT, Beltola in Guwahati. The journey would or so take three hours.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to fly on to Shillong. There ar direct flights from urban center to Shillong and you’ll opt to choose a flight from any of the most important cities.



Reach Guwahati by train or by air. It’d be convenient for if you’ll reach Guwahati by 1pm.

Reserve a cab for your transfer to Shillong or hop onto a shared rassling from the flying field, train station or Paltan Bazar in Guwahati.

Travel time : three hours

Upon reaching Shillong, you’ll visit the Police Bazar space, from some street looking and hit the pubs. Shillong is understood for its fantastic style in music and for hosting the simplest rock concerts of the country.


Wake up during this picturesque city amidst the hills enclosed with pine trees and relish in some breakfast with a read at your hotel/homestay or head bent on a restaurant for breakfast. Post breakfast, leave for a tour of the popular places within the town of Shillong, additionally magnificently called European country of the East.


Umiam Lake, situated seventeen kms far from town, may be a scenic place you need to visit once you ar in Shillong. The calmness of the waters and therefore the sizeableness of the lake is bound to go away you in awe upon your arrival. journey sports like Kayaking and water sport will be opted for. The water sports ar offered by Water Sports complicated between eight am to five pm on all days of the week. you’ll additionally expertise a ship ride during this lake. If time permits, explore Lumpongdeng Island, situated on the opposite shore of Umiam lake.

WARD’S LAKE        

Ward’s Lake is found right within the heart of town of Shillong. The lake is called when Sir William Ward World Health Organization had initiated the development of this artificial water body. The lake is created within the form of a horse shoe and is enclosed by stunning gardens. A picket bridge within the middle of the lake makes the place look splendid. Take a practice the garden or sit back the lake to relish the scenic fantastic thing about the environment.


A prime tourer spot within the town, Shillong Peak is found at a height of 1965 metres. It offers bird’s-eye views of Shillong and on days the skies ar clear, you’ll be able to even spot the plains of Bangladesh from Shillong Peak.

The entry to Shillong peak is thru air force Base and thence you’d be needed to submit ID proofs to maneuver more. The place might be visited on all days of the week between nine am to five pm.


Originally called ‘Ka kshaid lai pateng khohsiew’ in Khasi, which implies 3 Steps Waterfalls, Elephant Waterfalls may be a widespread tourer spot in Shillong. it’s situated a brief run off from the Shillong Peak and twelve kms from town. The crystal clear waters falls down in 3 steps, out of that the third step is that the most stunning one and is definitely accessible for individuals visiting the body of water. The plunge pool will be reached by a walk down a way.

Elephant Waterfalls might be visited between ten am to six pm on all days of the week. You’d have to be compelled to pay a nominal entry fee of authority thirty per person.

DON BOSCO repository

Don Bosco repository in Shillong can be a entrepot of traditions and culture. each floor at intervals the seven storied, hexagonal shaped repository represents the seven sister states of the North East. Here, you’ll expect to induce a glimpse of the multi-cultural lifestyles of the autochthonic people of North archipelago. There ar seventeen galleries at intervals the repository that displays cultural artefacts and paintings. guests will even vogue the autochthonic cuisines from the food lounge. The repository in addition attracts students, analysisers and academicians administrative unit return to avail the analysis facilities in their specialised library.

The repository is open from 9 am to 5:30 am on all weekdays. It remains closed on Sundays and public holidays. For Indians, the entry fee is federal agency 100 whereas students pay federal agency fifty. Foreigners got to be compelled to pay federal agency 2 hundred to enter the repository.

End the day with a dinner at one in each of the recommended restaurants or cafes and prepare to depart for Cherrapunjee later day.



To reach Cherrapunjee by a private cab, head to Police Bazar.

You can in addition get to Cherrapunjee by a shared sumo/alto. You’d understand these shared vehicles in Bara Bazar. Do confine mind that Cherrapunjee and Sohra ar same places and do not get confused whereas selecting your vehicles.

Travel time : a try of hours



Visit Nonkalikhai Falls, the tallest plunge falls in state with a height of 350 metres. The tall falls, falling straight from a drop, whereas not an opening can be an amazing sight to look at. From outside the entry gate, you will follow a symptom that marks a path leading to the mouth of the falls, take a hike to realize there and even take a swim at intervals the clean inexperienced waters.


Formed out of limestore, Mawsmai Cave can be a well lit cave settled at a distance of vi kms from Cherrapunjee. you will walk upto 100 and fifty metres at intervals the cave and additionally the rest of the cave is not open for guests to enter. Upon coming back into the cave, you’d be ready to spot distinctive flora and fauna, streams and eventually the cave will get slender and off the reach. Mawsmai Cave can be a awfully talked-about place of interest and you want to beyond question not miss it out. you’re doing not would love a guide to enter this cave.


Arwah cave is one in every of the hidden wonders in Meghalaya. You’d got to take a detour from the most road and canopy a muddy path to achieve Arwah Caves. there’s a pretty bridge that leads you until the doorway of the cave. Do raise a guide to accompany you to the present cave as there aren’t any marked trails, this being a rather quirky destination. You’d be welcome by a pointy descent right once you enter the cave, once that your walk are quite difficult and swashbuckling one, followed by travel through slim holes and sharp edges. you’ll expect to identify rock structures and fossils within the cave. A visit to Arwah caves would doubtless be quite thrilling one.

After a full day of exploring Cherrapunjee, come back to to your edifice or homestay in Cherrapunjee and ideally sleep timely this present day. successive day would involve a great deal of walking and a visit to the foremost hoped-for and talked concerning place of the trip.



From the Taxi exchange Cherrapunjee, book a personal cab for Tyrna Village, which might price you concerning government agency five hundred.

The taxi would drop you off wherever the steps for downward hike to Nongriat begin.

It is better to require a porter if you’ve got significant backpacks or bags. A porter can charge you concerning government agency five hundred for a way.

Travel Time : Cherrapunjee to Tyrna – forty five minutes; Tyrna to Nongriat (trek) – two hours



The 2 hour downward hike goes to be a awfully scenic yet as swashbuckling one. You’d be crossing several suspension bridges and root bridges on the forest path. The Double Decker root bridge would be the highlight of your trip to Meghalaya and is while not a doubt one in every of the five Reasons to go to Shillong. sit back the Double Decker root bridge and soak within the beauty of nature; this place can exceed your expectations all told potential suggests that.


You can value more highly to rent a guide to require you round the village. The Rainbow water may be a beautiful water, that may be a short hike removed from the village. raise your guide to require you to natural pools within the village. Most of those pools don’t seem to be traceable and is merely proverbial to the locals. Hence, you’d not notice any resource on the web concerning these and this is often what Nongriat is all concerning – discovering lovely spots by yourself.

Spend the night in a very homestay and interact in conversations with the locals around fire. This too is associate degree expertise in itself.



On this present day, you’d be needed to trek back to Tyrna from Nongriat. The trek will get quite wearying. Again, it’s better to rent a porter if you’re not snug to run together with your bags. It may take anyplace between three to four hours to achieve back to Tyrna reckoning on your pace and fitness.

From Tyrna, book a cab until Cherrapunjee or hop onto a shared cab.

Book a taxi to require you to Dawki then drop you at Mawlynnong. this might price you between government agency 2500-3000.

It is typically troublesome to search out a taxi in Mawlynnong for looking or heading to Dawki and therefore this is often the foremost possible thanks to embody each the places in your itinerary.

Travel Time : Cherrapunjee to Dawki – two.5 hours; Dawki to Mawlynnong – one hour

WHAT to try and do IN DAWKI?

Dawki, a small hamlet within the border of Asian country and Bangladesh is legendary for its crystal clear stream waters, views of Bangladesh plains and boat rides. Upon reaching, you’d feel as if you’ve got hold of an area wherever time has frozen. The calmness of the stream, the wonder of the hills and therefore the plains of Bangladesh visible at a faraway distance, would cause you to fall taken with with the place promptly. don’t miss out on taking a ship ride over the waters of Umngot stream. If the Double Decker root bridge trek is that the main highlight of your trip, the boat ride at Dawki is unquestionably attending to be the competitor experience!

After defrayal one or two of hours in Dawki, head over to Mawlynnong and pay the night in one in every of the bamboo cottages within the village.

This day would be dedicated in exploring the Asia’s Cleanest Village, a sleepy-eyed city, filled with soul.


Mawlynnong may be a quiet retreat that you just can ne’er regret attending to. business enterprise has evolved during this village on the principles of eco business enterprise. You’d spot thatched khasi huts on the approach, bamboo dustbins all throughout the village and each house containing lovely gardens adorned with pretty flowers.


Visit the one root bridge in Mawlynnong. If you think that that once visiting the Double Decker root bridge in Nongriat, this might not be price some time, then you’re completely mistaken. All the living root bridges in Meghalaya ar distinctive in their own approach and altogether price some time. Hike to the present bridge in Mawlynnong to encounter nature’s wonders including age previous traditions.


In the outskirts of the village, there’s an enormous rock that is of course balanced on another smaller rock. This has currently become a well-liked place for guests. it’s aforementioned that the rock has stayed within the same position for hundreds of years and additionally has some non secular significance among the Khasi Tribe. Stop over at this place to own a glance at the mysterious phenomena.

BANGLADESH read purpose

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top 10 world

If you love traveling and want to have information about the best places in the world, here you can learn all about top 10 world’s best places to visit in 2023.

As we begin with the anticipation of what the future holds, with the excitement of runners, food bubbles and restrictions being lifted, optimism returns as we rekindle our love of everything, wanderlust …so yeah, it’s time to start. planning your vacation in 2023!

What is this “new look”? Well, I’m glad you chose…

You can be sure to choose a route with confidence when discussing your itinerary, cruise, rail or road train, as destinations take extra care to ensure health and safety during your journey.

With people now facing people looking to travel and connect with nature and the western places in the world that are considered “low health risk”, here’s a collective look at the best and most beautiful places to visit in the world. They were found. lift up.

Top 10 World’s Best Places.

1. Croatia.

This Baltic beauty is as popular as the Greek islands, and Game of Thrones further propelled her fame (think King’s Landing and that infamous walk through Dubrovnik’s medieval cobbled streets).

Idyllic beaches and beach bars by day, old sights that are part of the observed nightlife, fresh and abundant gastronomy… and the possibility of renting a boat to travel from island to island in the blue coast province of the Adriatic. .. know and perfect Holidays.

Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar were once packed with tourists during the height of summer, this may change in 2023, but keep in mind that less popular (but no less picturesque) stretches of coast like Istria also make the list.

2. Norway.

Scandinavia deals with low risk (Covid) but high risk, with full coverage of exciting experiences and revealing its breathtaking landscapes, enchanting cities and mountains revealed. The gorgeous Northern Lights (electrically charged particles) are a must-see to see the lights dim in the sky above the Arctic Circle.

      And while you’re there, hop on one of the most incredible train rides in the world, the Flåm Railway, which offers panoramic views of spectacular nature among the nearby fjords.

Experience Scandinavia for the first time on a journey through the owners of the fjords and glaciers Adventure World.

3. Portugal:

One of the best sun and beach destinations in the Mediterranean, dotted with historic cities, gastronomy and omnipresent landscapes. Something for everyone as it becomes an increasingly rewarding wellness destination to relax and unwind with more than one of the world’s best surfers.

 Kontiki offers new personal hygiene options, i.e. Portugal City and Surf Adventure. A special  2-night stay at Noah’s Surf House on a Santa Cruz cruise offers activities like kayaking, skateboarding, and morning yoga at sunrise overlooking the country’s picturesque coastline.

4. Vienna on the River:

For those who have already traveled Europe several times and are looking for a different kind of cruise, consider the river: this is a way to appreciate Europe while cruising past castles and picturesque towns on an onboard cruise. 130 people maximum), all while relaxing and drinking vines on the rooftop terrace. Think of a floating 5-star boutique hotel, restaurant, bar and yoga studio singing “WELLNESS na vo”.

      Waking up to swans outside your window as you wade through the misty waters is pure magic. And there are many people in the world to discover cities and towns. My choice is from Vienna to Prague, cruising the enchanting Rhine and Danube rivers and stopping in the “City of Waltzes” to explore its artistic heritage, imperial palaces and historical treasures.

For your safety, all Uniworld Boutique Collection ships are exposed to purified air and develop odorless, chemical and resistant self-disinfecting infections, ending in germs such as bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus family.

5. South Africa:

Safari, safari, safari. The feeling of being part of a David Attenborough documentary is quite surreal – six young lions walked alongside my group and then attacked a buffalo right in front of our numb eyes, only for the buffalo to shake off SIX lions and then run, to warn them. pride to stay away, and then headbutted a tree to show his dominance over the lions. Such a “live show” does not happen every day, that’s the beauty of the safari – every day and night is different, you can only hope to catch the Big Five (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros).

Plus add to that the amazing Lion’s Head climb with 360-degree views of Cape Town, various nature walks and of course the wonderful spirit of the people and your holiday is complete.

Lion World Tours, African Travel and Adventure World Travel organize trips throughout Africa to suit your needs, hobbies and different levels of gentle adventure.

And in December 2020, Red Carnation’s Xigera Safari Lodge will open in the 15,000-square-kilometre wilderness of Botswana in the heart of the Okavango Delta. This ultra-luxury escape is dedicated to sustainability, with 12 phenomenal socially distancing suites and is powered entirely by solar energy.

Peaceful Harbor offers Wellness in the Wilderness: personalized treatments that soothe the soul, revitalize and nourish the body and mind, using the natural healing powers of jungle peace and tranquility.

6. Egypt and Jordan:

How fascinating it is to travel back in time to the country of the pharaohs, get lost in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, visit the colossal pyramids and the Great Sphinx in Giza and sail along the mighty Nile River, which has many ancient monuments scattered everywhere. edge – the stories and stories you hear about are enough to call out an explorer in any, let alone ALL the mezze and hummus plates.

    Then in Jordan, also filled with World Heritage Sites and inspiring desert landscapes, Petra was considered a “wonder of the world” with sites nestled in rocky landscapes and an obvious mood that changes with the changing light of sunrise and sunset.

Trafalgar and Insight Vacations offer guided vacations and the opportunity to visit Al Amir Iraqi Women’s Cooperative, a community of women looking to empower themselves and advance their professions (statistics show some of the highest female unemployment rates in the Middle East). ): We invite you to visit and join them, learn about their lifestyle and help the #MakeTravelMatter community.

7. South America:

Take a break and be alone with nature and wellness: Andes peaks, Amazon jungle (stay in eco-houses), Patagonian glaciers, Inca ruins (trek to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world!), Lima as a world gastronomic destination and relaxation on white sand beaches.

    For holidays without a package designed by you, Costsaver will take you through South America; and now Uniworld Boutique River Cruises sails the Amazon and includes Peru to explore Machu Picchu. Experience a modern day boat trip on the Yanayaku Pukata River where you can kayak, canoe and swim in these famous waters and see the pink dolphin.

8. Canada.

Canada is a breath of fresh air for many. It has the main attractions of a thriving city and plenty of activities including hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, skiing, wildlife and more. Lose yourself and discover the bounty of Mother Nature from the Rocky Mountains to the waters of Alaska and tour the national parks, glaciers and historic cities of western Canada. But also keep in mind that the mountains of the Yukon or British Columbia are just as impressive as the Rocky Mountains.

Luxurious gold covers a lot of ground with Majesty of the Rockies.

9. Japan.

A combination of Eastern traditions and Western modernity. Japan is one of the oldest civilizations with a diverse history, majestic temples and boasts 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites; unspoiled natural landscapes such as Mount Fuji and its forested hills, the opportunity to take a dip in a mineral-rich hot spring bath with onsen heated by geothermal forces, which are said to have “rejuvenating properties”; its freshly sprayed ski fields in winter and cherry blossoms in spring, which peak in April.

    Food and entertainment are important to Japanese culture, so be sure to try it while on vacation.

10. Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, I have included two countries in the top 10 list, BUT they have the same qualities, but are completely unique from each other: incredibly diverse nature, extraordinary landscapes and endemic wildlife, and there is also interesting local culture to discover (and both are considered incredibly low-risk countries for Covid).

While Australia is known for its picturesque coastline and white sand, New Zealand is known for its stunning mountains and landscapes.

Imagine diving the Great Barrier Reef (one of the world’s seven natural wonders and the largest structure built by living organisms), then head north to the Daintree Rainforest for a hike and overnight in a lodge Eco tree, then head to Uluru. – a place so spiritual that it draws you in like a whirlwind, in the most magical way.

New Zealand offers a contrast between its northern and southern islands, with many natural wonders such as the Tasman Glacier made famous in The Lord of the Rings. Take a scenic drive through Fiordland National Park and experience unforgettable Milford Sound.

AAT Kings and Insight Vacations organize getaways and guided vacations in these two destinations.     That’s it for the top 10 places in the world to visit in 2023. Admittedly, we could include at least 50 more hotspots from popular destinations to less-frequented roads! There are so many exciting places, cultural events, hikes, wildlife yet to be discovered…and so many other memories waiting to be made!

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10 Wonderful Places to Visit in Ohio



Wonderful Places to Visit in Ohio

If you don’t know about Ohio, this is the best article to click. Here you will get all important information about 10 Wonderful Places to Visit in Ohio.

Smack dab in the heart of the Midwest is the state of Ohio. Created in part by natural borders, Ohio is shaped by both Lake Erie and the Ohio River. The state boasts an appealing combination of interesting cities, pristine natural scenery and charming farms.

Whether you’re exploring Ohio for a weekend visit or a long vacation, there is lots to see. While major cities like Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati are among the wonderful places to visit in Ohio, this guide also suggests some wonderful additions to your Buckeye State itinerary.

Wonderful Places to Visit in Ohio

Let’s get started

1. Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park

One of the most wonderful places to visit in Ohio is Hocking Hills State Park. Within the enormous park, you’ll find deep gorges, breathtaking waterfalls and stunning cliffs. There are also lots of caves, many of which have evidence showing that the Adena people lived in the area more than 7,000 years ago.

The most famous of these caves are Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave, both of which can be explored by visitors. Miles and miles of signposted hiking trails beckon, and extraordinarily tall hemlocks create shade for the hot summer afternoons.

2. Cincinnati


On the Ohio River is Cincinnati, a place nicknamed the Queen City. Even Charles Dickens was enamored by Cincinnati, calling it cheerful, thriving and animated. Cincinnati is unique in that it straddles the Mason-Dixon Line. Some residents believe themselves to be firmly situated in the Southern United States, while others feel strongly that this is not the case.

Whatever your view of the city’s location, there is no denying the appeal. The skyline is incredible, and you won’t want to miss views of buildings like Carew Tower or the Cincinnati Observatory Center. Cincinnati also boasts an amazing parks system, so swing by Sawyer Point to check out live concerts and enjoy the green space that is so popular with locals and visitors alike.

3. Cleveland


Cleveland is yet another city built on the shore of Lake Erie, and it is a major metropolitan hub for the region. It’s biggest attraction might be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an incredible modern structure designed by famed architect I.M. Pei, who also designed the iconic glass pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is where you can see the most recent inductees, check out exhibits on Elvis, David Bowie and U2 or learn about the people behind some of the most famous instruments of all time. If you only visit one thing in Cleveland, make sure it is this incredible monument to music.

4. Columbus


The state capital of Ohio is Columbus. This city is a unique destination that brings together a wide range of cultures. Columbus is the intersection of regional areas like the Rust Belt, the Bible Belt the Great Plains and Appalachia, creating a sort of melting pot for its residents. It is also home to Ohio State University, which brings in more young people from all corners of the globe.

A great way to explore the heritage and history of Columbus is by checking out German Village, located just outside the downtown area. In the German Village, you can walk along tree-lined, cobblestone streets, admire restored bungalows and stop in at a local cafe for coffee and fresh pastries.

5. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The lone national park in the state is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Just a short drive outside of Cleveland, the park’s main attraction is the beautiful Cuyahoga River. Rolling hills, shaded gorges, sandstone ledges and more than 70 waterfalls can be spotted along almost 200 miles of hiking trails.

If serious hiking isn’t your idea of a good time, there’s a great alternative that still allows you to see a lot of the landscape. The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad boasts several stations, and an afternoon aboard the train is a wonderful way to see a lot in a short amount of time.

6. Dayton


If you head to Dayton, aviation is inescapable. This city is steeped in history, most notably because it is where the Wright brothers lived, worked and perfected their first practical airplane. In Downtown Dayton, look up to find the iconic Flyover, a piece of sculpture built right into the architecture that traces the path of that first flight perfected by the Wright brothers.

Whether or not you’re an aviation buff, you’ll appreciate the Wright Cycle Company Complex. This complex is where the Wright brothers operated their bicycle repair shop, all while air travel was just a concept.

7. Sandusky


Situated between Cleveland and Toledo on the shores of Lake Erie, Sandusky is a city with a lot to be proud of. The best-known attraction in the city is Cedar Point Amusement Park, where you can experience some of the most thrilling and extreme roller coasters and rides in all of the Midwest.

If you would rather enjoy something a little more relaxing, Sandusky is also home to the Cold Creek Trout Camp. From here, you can venture out to where the waters of the Sandusky Bay mingle with the waters of Lake Erie, and there are even incredible views of the rides at Cedar Point.

8. Toledo


On the lakes of Lake Erie is Toledo, a medium-sized city that boasts an enormous port. The Toledo is most wonderful places to Visit in Ohio. The downtown area is a hodgepodge of architecture, and there are a number of historic buildings that have been rescued and repurposed into spaces like artist housing.

This gives the city a unique atmosphere, and it is a hub for arts and culture within the state. The Toledo Museum of Art is one of the biggest attractions in the city, and admission is always free. Walk right from the Museum of Art to the neighborhood known as the Old West End, where you’ll find century-old trees and beautiful historic mansions.

9. Holmes County

Holmes County

In the eastern part of Ohio is Holmes County, a region filled with beautiful steep hills and narrow green valleys. In addition to being an agricultural hub with stunning scenery, Holmes County is the epicenter of Ohio’s Amish Country.

Shopping is often a priority on a visit to Holmes County. However, the incredible handcrafted hardwood carpentry, the sweet homemade jams and the tasty local cheeses aren’t the only way to experience Amish culture. Head to the city of Berlin to see the Sistine Chapel of the Amish and Mennonites, which offers a unique cyclorama and guided tours led by Mennonite guides.

10. Lake Erie Islands

Lake Erie Islands

Just as the name suggests, Lake Erie Islands are found within the Great Lake itself. Lake Erie Islands are accessible by ferry from several spots along the coast. There are several islands geared to tourists, and there are also a handful that are privately owned or require a membership.

Of the islands open to the public, Kelleys Island is a top pick. Once you arrive, you can head straight to Glacial Grooves State Park, which was created by glaciers moving through the limestone bedrock. Next to the ferry dock, look for signs pointing to Inscription Rock, which is marked by native petroglyphs.

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11 Facts About Sable Island That Might Surprise You



Sable Island

If you’re from the Seaside, you probably grew up listening to stories about the mysterious, isolated, and wild windswept sandbar known as Sable Island.

Often referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic“, Sable Island is an amazing place of strange origins and unspoiled beauty. Located 300 km southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the island has fascinated for centuries and continues to attract explorers, explorers, artists and travelers from all over the world.

You’ve probably seen photos and heard stories about the island’s wild horses, but really, how much do you know about Sable Island? Test your knowledge or get to know the island better with our list of eleven facts about Sable Island that will surprise you!

1. Sable Island is part of Halifax.

Despite being 290 km off the coast of Halifax, Sable Island is part of the Halifax region!

In fact, during the 2017 provincial elections, a polling station for a handful of the island’s voters was created in the 27th arrondissement Halifax Citadel – Sable Island.

2. The island is much bigger than you think

Often people ask if it is possible to walk from one end of the thin crescent-shaped island to the other end. And, unfortunately, no. Sable Island is 26 miles long, the equivalent of walking across the sand from downtown Halifax to Peggy’s Cove.

3. Island contains over 500 wild horses!

After centuries of harsh winters, the exact origin of the Sable Island horse population is still unknown.

Some believe they are the ancestors of shipwrecked horses, while others claim they were abandoned on the island by Scandinavians, John Cabot, Portuguese explorers or academics.

The most popular and likely explanation is that a Boston merchant, hired to transport the academics during the exile, placed the horses on the island.

4. The horses from Island were almost taken off the island and turned into pet food!

In 1959, the Canadian government decided to recall the horses after a particularly harsh winter, with plans to turn most of them into pet food. Thankfully, thanks to letters from children across the country and around the world to then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker asking them to leave the horses on the island, this never happened.

Diefenbaker made his defense into law with the Canadian Shipping Act forbidding any tampering with or removal of the Sable Island horses from the island.

5 – There is only one tree on Sable Island.

A scrawny pine planted decades ago, barely three feet tall, is a lone sable tree. And if you saw him, you would think that he looks more like a bush than a tree.

The trees cannot survive due to the raging winds on the island and the lack of real soil to take root.

6. The Island is a paradise for bird watchers.

Over 350 bird species have been recorded on the island, and sixteen species are known to nest here.

From terns, gulls, ducks and waders to rarer birds like the Ipswich sparrow and tropical species blown north by violent storms, Sable Island is not just about horses, it’s about birds.

7. The island hosts the world’s largest breeding colony of gray seals.

Gray seals are a popular sight on the beaches of Sable Island. Harbor seals are also year-round residents, but are not as common as gray seals.

8. Sable Island was home to Canada’s first lifesaving station, founded in 1801.

With a nickname like “Cemetery of the Atlantic“, this fact shouldn’t come as a surprise. Due to rough seas, thick fog, and flooded sandbanks surrounding the island, Sable sank over 350 ships.

Thanks to advances in technology and navigation, shipwrecks are extremely rare on the island today. The last shipwreck was in 1999 from a yacht called Merrimac, and today parts of the wreck can be found on the island’s South Beach.

9. Sable Island – Canada’s 43rd National Park.

The final law was passed in December 2013 and declared Sable Island a national park. Although closed during the winter months (November to June), in June 2014 the island was opened to the public for the first time.

This was amazing news for all Atlantic Canadians who have dreamed of visiting Sable Island since childhood!

10. Sable Island is moving

Some scientists say the island is gradually moving eastward as it is slowly washed away from the western end while sand accumulates at the eastern end. Constant movement as the center of the island moves east. Others believe that its center is not moving, and the island is shrinking and may eventually disappear!

11. This hot air balloon that you accidentally missed in the clouds … probably ended up on Sable Island.

Everything that goes up must go down.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the balloons that take off into the sky? They often end up on Sable Island, where plastic has become much more common. Debris and discarded fishing gear, as well as remnants of balloons, wash ashore every day.

Sable Island resident and explorer Zoe Lucas collects thousands of balloons every year and traces their origins to balloon advertisements.

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