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Catching Summer by the Tail: 6 Spectacular Beach Destinations



Catching Summer by the Tail: 6 Spectacular Beach Destinations

If you specifically waited for the crowds of tourists to subside and you can enjoy a leisurely vacation, the still warm summer weather and gentle sea, then your time has come. About where there is still a comfortable temperature, reasonable prices, free beaches and other entertainment for every taste (and budget) – in the material

If you like an exotic vacation, then you can turn your gaze towards Cuba and go, for example, to the city of Varadero, which, although a typical beach resort, can surprise (and impress) even the most discerning tourists. Firstly, it is one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean, so you are sure to have vivid emotions and impressions. In addition, here you can find several interesting markets, shops and souvenir shops with some pretty interesting things. For those who are looking for “something like that”, we recommend to look into the municipal museum, taste real Cuban coffee, swim in the Saturno cave, take a walk in the ecological reserve, test yourself for courage in the cave with bats of Cueva de Ambrosio, visit the Xanadu mansion built by billionaire Irenaeus DuPont, get to know local delicacies in numerous bars and restaurants, and learn to dance mambo, cha-cha-cha or salsa. Where else can you learn these fiery dances if not in Cuba?


Those who are used to combining beach holidays with “spiritual food” will surely love the idea of ​​a velvet season in Barcelona. At this time, the summer heat is already receding there, but it is still warm on the streets during the day and in the evening (the temperature during the day rises to + 23-25 ​​° C). In addition, the capital of Catalonia and the largest port on the Mediterranean Sea seem to be created for leisurely walks, during which you can fully admire the interweaving of styles in the original architecture, appreciate the harmonious neighborhood of ancient buildings, palaces and modern buildings, visit the famous Park Guell, take an evening a promenade through the old city center, where theatrical performances take place, look into one of the establishments where the real Catalan rumba is danced (and, perhaps, even learn a few spectacular steps),


September is a great time to visit Sicily, where the air and water temperatures are quite comfortable. And in order to remember your vacation for sure, go straight to Sicilian Catania, where you can more than enjoy the rich nightlife, take beautiful photos against the backdrop of the famous Mount Etna, soak up the free beaches (volcanic with lava sand and ordinary sand), be sure to try a traditional dessert cannoli, which is a waffle roll with ricotta cheese, taste eggplant dishes (pasta, lasagna, burgers and even pizza), attend a huge number of festivals and concerts, as well as arrange a city tour with sightseeing and impressive architecture.


Crete is famous for its beaches and comfortable September weather, so you can definitely swim and sunbathe. Cozy coves, picturesque nature, numerous excursions to the Botanical Park, the Maritime Museum, the olive farm, the Lychnostatis Museum, the Palace of Knossos, which is often mentioned in myths and legends, the Sfendoni and Melidoni cave, as well as vibrant holidays and festivals that help to feel the amazing atmosphere and learning a little more about the traditions and history of Crete will make your holiday rich and memorable.


Those who find Turkey boring and monotonous have probably not been to Marmaris, one of the most impressive port and resort cities. In September, the air temperature here is confidently kept at around +27 ° C, so you will definitely be provided with a beautiful tan. In addition to gorgeous beaches and warm seas, this resort boasts entertainment for all tastes, from festivals, concerts, natural attractions to numerous bars and restaurants where you can taste traditional cuisine and dance all night long. And if you have a Schengen visa and want to see more, then head to Rhodes, the fourth largest island in Greece, for a full day. The easiest and safest way to get there is to use the ferries that run with enviable regularity during the holiday season.


Of course, rest in a country where residents call themselves “carioca” and young and old play football is not a cheap pleasure, but it is definitely worth it. In September, there is no longer such a sweltering heat here, because during the daytime the temperature reaches + 27-28 ° C, and the water temperature is + 20-23 ° C, so in addition to doing nothing on the beach, you can also plan visits to museums, theaters, viewing natural objects and architectural attractions. If you nevertheless decide to visit the homeland of the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, then by all means visit the area of ​​musicians, artists and students of Santa Tereza, walk to the oldest Copacabana fort, on the territory of which the museum is located, admire the “same old city” in the Morro da Conceição area , check out Ruins Park for amazing views of the surrounding area and of course climb the viewpoints of Corcovado, Two Brothers, Fort Leme. And then the impressions received will definitely be enough for you for the next six months or a year.

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The favorite holidays of the Spanish



The favorite holidays of the Spanish

We know that people still don’t travel as much as they did a few years ago, when the average vacation time for Spaniards was close to a month. But we are at a time when, little by little, we are beginning to see how vacations are once again part of the routine and dreams of the Spanish, these being the best medicine for the, sometimes, day-to-day routine. .
Beach, mountain, near, far, accompanied by books or mobile, with or without a partner, in the end, vacations are always vacations, although always different for each one of us.
Thanks to a survey carried out by Auto Europe among 1,000 people in June, we have a little more clarity about the trends and tastes of the favorite Spanish holidays .

What are the favorite holidays of the Spanish?

Where do we Spaniards go on vacation?

Whether to the beach or the mountains, to the town or the city, on the road or as a long stay, by car or by plane, what the survey shows is that Spaniards travel an average of 2,783 kilometers to reach their destination, a remarkable distance with which we could reach destinations such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ireland or Romania, to give several examples.
The average price of the favorite vacations of the Spaniards would be close to 2000 euros, which would include transport, accommodation, meals and extra expenses. A quite remarkable amount, with which to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Do we monitor our health during the holidays?

Something that we Spaniards do not give up, despite living in a country where the sun and good weather are practically always present, is a beach and sun vacation. With the results of the survey, we can see that the average time that Spaniards spend in the sun is 3 hours a day, with 11 in the morning being the peak hour most of us find ourselves surrendering to the king of stars.
Seeing these results, we hope that we are aware of our health and always use sunscreen, since the combination of 3 hours in the sun and midday would not be the best option for our health, and even less so if it is midsummer.

Reading, mobile, music… What do we Spaniards dedicate our time to when we are on vacation?

Normally, when we travel, we are always accompanied by something that allows us to distract or entertain ourselves at certain times of the day. Our best friend at that time and today is the mobile phone, a device that most of us cannot detach ourselves from even while on vacation.
According to the results of the survey, we dedicate 3 hours a day to the use of mobile devices and 2 hours is the time dedicated to social networks. Imagine yourself on an incredible beach, surrounded by an impressive landscape and with your eyes focused on the screen of your mobile. Curious, don’t you think?
Although we Spaniards do not dedicate our vacation time solely to mobile devices, we also read and quite a bit. According to the results, the average reading is 2.3 books on vacation.

What role does food play in Spanish holidays?

There are not a few of us who go on vacation, bearing in mind that these will also be the perfect excuse to enjoy unique gastronomic moments and, on many occasions, very different from those we experience during the rest of the year.
But do we watch what we eat and drink when we are on vacation?

Definitely not too much. And it is that the results tell us that 1 of 4 Spaniards consumes 500 more calories in each meal when we are on vacation. If we add to this the fact that 4 out of 10 confess that they do not control what they eat when they are away from home and that the average consumption is 41 alcoholic beverages while on vacation, we believe that the results tell us that Spaniards, when on vacation, we are not the best example of healthy living.

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10 essential items for the smart traveler



10 essential items for the smart traveler

It has happened to all of us to return from a trip with half of our clothes unused, or to realize halfway through the trip that the suitcase weighs more than necessary. While not all of us have the organization gene or are the kings of convenience, we can all learn to travel light, like true professionals, and even with only carry-on luggage.

thinking of your nextweekend getaway or longer trip, KAYAKINGI have gathered for you these 10 tips of essential items to travel in the most intelligent and practical way.

  1. plastic bags

Basic of basics. Not all airports have strict rules, but in most they ask you to carry containers containing liquids in a hermetically sealed plastic bag in your hand luggage. Remember that the containers must not exceed 100 ml each, so think about bringing the minimum and essential that you might not find in the accommodation.

  1. A lightweight, multi-purpose jacket

Some well-known brands offer jackets designed for travelers, with layers for different uses that you can separate according to your needs. You will find them at all prices and they can include a fleece lining that insulates you from the cold and an outer layer with a certain level of impermeability or that can protect you from the wind.

  1. A reusable cloth bag that takes up little space

Carry an extra cloth bag in your backpack to separate dirty clothes or purchases and take care of the environment while traveling. There are some silk ones that take up almost no space, weigh nothing, and can save you from many inconveniences.

  1. A pair of comfortable and versatile shoes

It might seem obvious to you, but not all of us think of wearing a pair of comfortable shoes with which you can walk all day and go out to dinner at night without looking bad. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more and find a pair that you really like and can wear for multiple occasions.

  1. a small flashlight

You never know where you are going to end up in an unknown city. A small flashlight on your keychain, headband or any other light that doesn’t take up much space can save you from falling into a pothole on a dark and unfamiliar street, or help you get back to your hotel after an evening stroll along a lonely beach.

  1. a waterproof bag

An unexpected rain can ruin your documents or electronic items and give you a hard time. To avoid this, invest in a waterproof bag that you can take with you on all trips. They come in all sizes and for all budgets and, in any case, they can even be used to keep some items separate inside the suitcase.

  1. Clothes on the brink of retirement

The last trip has arrived for that old pair of socks that has been your favorite for longer than you would like to admit, and that you have not dared to throw away. Take them for their last walk and give them a dignified farewell in distant lands, so you can travel lighter on the way back or make room for souvenirs.

  1. A microfiber towel

A good microfiber towel can occupy the same space as a t-shirt in your suitcase, and it can be very practical if the ones offered by the hotel are not enough for you, for excursions, or even to sit on when you have a picnic in the park.

  1. A basic first aid kit and wet wipes

A good traveler always carries a small first-aid kit with what is necessary to cope with anything from a headache to an injury. It is also important to include wet wipes, because you have to be open to street foods from other cultures, but prepared for any unforeseen event.

  1. rubber sandals

Rubber sandals are more useful than you think on trips. You can use them to go to the beach, to be fresh on the street, not to walk barefoot in the hotel or even to take a shower, if you are picky or stay in a hostel.

And do not forget…

Restrictions on items you can bring on board vary depending on the airline or country you’re traveling from. Take into account the measurements of your suitcase and take advantage if you can carry a second handbag to store the most important things, such as documents and your laptop or camera.

When packing, use the “onion plan” and take layers of clothing that you can combine or add if the temperature changes. Always check the weather forecast before leaving on a trip and, most importantly, do not forget to plan your entire itinerary with our toolthrips, which you can take with you wherever you want if you download  theappsfree fromKAYAKING.

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About Travel + Leisure Magazine



About Travel + Leisure Magazine

Travel + Leisure is a magazine based in New York City that is devoted to helping its readers make the best of their travel and vacation experiences. Included in the magazine are features on various destinations around the world, as well as general travel tips and advice.

Travel + Leisure is known well for publishing feature son various destinations around the world. Whether readers are looking to plan a fishing getaway to the Carolina coast, or attend renowned art exhibitions in London, the magazine’s travel experts are able to help. Features on destinations across Asia, South America, and the United States contain all inclusive lists and descriptions of what one might do and see in these areas, ensuring there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Each issue of Travel + Leisure contains general travel tips and advice. One recently published article focuses exclusively on road trips, and contains a number of tips on how to make such trips enjoyable and ensure that nothing from a scenic beach to historical site is left out of the itinerary.

A subscription to Travel + Leisure makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in national or international travel. On our website, you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift, or you can easily renew a subscription to Travel + Leisure.

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