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How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W Modem/Router ?



Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone

Many of people who are not technically sound so they definitely call their service provider and change wifi password on Binatone Modem but it is very easy to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone wr1500n, DT-850W, Binatone router bes460. So guys just stick to this article and you can see below steps that how we change a password on Binatone modems easily.

How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W?
How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W?

Hi Guys, Today We Gonna Show you that “How to Change WiFi Password on Binatone Modems and Routers ?”. We Know that time Wi-Fi Modem is Found in every Home and Office. So the security of modem is also necessary to protect from unauthorized people to use their Internet. So that’s why we Put Password on WiFi Router.

But when Password is leaked so it is important to update your WiFi Password. There are many reasons to use Password for your Wi-Fi Modem like Protect Wi-fi from your neighbors and also from Public. Many of Users not able to change Router Password. So We Share a very easy method to change WiFi Password for Binatone ADSL Routers.

Steps to Change Wi-Fi Password On Binatone Modem

  1. Firstly Reset Your Binatone modem. On the Backside of Modem, You can see a small circle for Inserting some Pinto Reset all settings. On the Modems, ISP provides you a Username & Password for your Modem Like “DSLS73189” & “123456” but sometimes it not work so that’s why we reset all settings.
  2. Then Type in your Web Browser and a Pop-up Screen will Come up that ask you to put username and password. You can type Default Username and password that is “admin” & “password” and Hit Enter.
  3. Now Binatone Main Page is open where you find all his Admin Settings.
  4. Now you can see the Menu on the Top of the Page. Go to Interface Setup >> Wireless and You can see the wifi password Field Like in Below Picture.
  5. Enter a New Password and Click Save. Password Change Successfully.

change wi-fi password on binatone modem/Router
Binatone Admin Page

Above You can see Binatone Admin Page Where you can Change Wi-Fi Name or Password and Change more settings related to Wi-Fi Modem.Router.

Additional Tips to Changes Wi-Fi Passwords on Binatone Routers/Modems:

Guys, many of times I receive queries from users that they currently use another modem of Binatone routers or modems so they want to know how to changes passwords on those routers so guys here is the simple steps to change bin atones password on all models. By following this you can also change wifi password Binatone wr1500n or Binatone wifi router bes460. On the other hand, you can follow same steps to changes passwords on the Binatone model which have the same interfaces like this modem or router. You just need to see proper at 850w configuration and whatever internet connection you use such as airtel, BSNL, Connector other internet provider services.

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Top 5 Craziest Technology Trends in 2023




Technology continues to be a decisive force changing the world. Technological advances give companies more options to improve performance and develop offerings. And while it remains difficult to predict how technology trends will develop, business leaders can better plan by watching new technologies evolve, anticipating how companies might use them, and understanding the factors that drive innovation and adoption. Listed below are the 5 craziest tech trends to watch in 2023.

  1. Applied Observability:  Improves the practice of pattern recognition. To anticipate and detect anomalies and propose solutions, you must be able to delve into complex systems and data flows.
  2. Digital immune system:  To keep systems running smoothly 24 hours a day, the digital immune system will combine surveillance capabilities, AI testing, chaos engineering, site reliability engineering (SRE), and software supply chain security.
  3. Super Apps:  Represent the next shift in app design and development where consumers will use a single app to manage the majority of systems in an enterprise ecosystem. Gartner predicts that more than 50% of the world’s population will use Super Apps on a daily basis.
  4. AR/VR and BlockChain Technology:  A more connected, secure and immersive virtual environment will be created where individuals and companies can recreate real life scenarios by combining AR/VR, AI/ML, IoT and Blockchain.
  5. AAI:  Let me introduce you to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that will revolutionize machine learning, pattern recognition and computing. Its goal is to fully automate processes without requiring manual input.
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What is smart technology? What are their benefits?



What is smart technology? What are their benefits?

The dawn of the 21st century brought with it a technological revolution in which we continue to participate today.

With the transition from the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the Fifth Industrial Revolution, we are used to rapid innovation and continue to expect more efficient and effective technological solutions than ever before.

After the turmoil caused by the Internet and touchscreen smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart technologies are leading the next phase of global innovation.

Where by?

Well, it changes our lives, our communication and the way we work.

This can be seen by looking closely at one of the key technology trends – smart technologies.

What is smart technology?

As the smart technology industry evolves at a steady pace and becomes obsolete at the same rate as innovation arrives, it can be difficult to define something as diverse as smart technology.

As Net lingo points out, the term “SMART” refers to “technology for self-monitoring, analysis and reporting”.

It is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to provide cognitive insights into objects that were previously thought to be inanimate.

1) Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

A network of devices that bring static physical objects to life using sensors, chips, software, online communications, analytics and applications. These devices create great value and are futuristic, scalable and automated.

Some notable examples include smart cities, smart homes, and smart factories.

2) Smart connection device

Remote-controlled smart devices connected via the Internet or Bluetooth can provide a personalized experience, but they are not as adaptable as IoT devices and must be managed.

Smart security cameras, smart light bulbs and smartphones are examples of smart connected devices.

3) smart device

With limited automation, no internet connection required, smart devices such as programmable smart coffee machines provide specific personalized services at specific times.

Benefits of smart technologies

The main advantages of using smart technologies include:

1) convenience

Never before has it been possible to perform so many tasks at the same time with minimal effort, for example, using only the voice, as it is done today. This has been possible thanks to smart technology. Whether it’s adjusting the lights in a room, protecting your home, or ordering your favorite food online, smart technology is perfect for you. We need convenience on a whole new level.

What’s even better is the latest smart technology:

We have everything you need to understand your preferences, analyze them and provide you with automated and personalized services.

Taking into account external factors such as traffic conditions and the conditions of the vehicles and the environment, we can give you advance notice and guide you safely to your destination.

2) Provide stability

In addition to the urgent need to “green” and save the planet, the industrial and domestic sectors are rushing to adopt smart technologies to avoid high energy costs.

In most cases, smart technologies can play an important role in saving energy, since they do not optimize the use of energy, but forget to turn off the appliance to waste it.

You can customize and automate energy usage. For example, turning off or adjusting lights, air conditioners when they are not in use or when the necessary conditions exist. This is a true win-win solution that helps you save energy and money.

3) Security

Smart technology provides greater protection than traditional manual security systems. Smart security devices such as door sensors, alarm systems, security cameras, and video doorbells help building owners alert building owners of various threats to their property. In addition to alerting homeowners, the police will also be notified and protective measures will be taken, such as blocking certain paths or guarding rooms.

In addition to being able to detect intelligent digital leaks of smoke, gas, water and sewage, this technology allows precautionary measures to be taken in real time, which could prevent discomfort and physical damage.

4) Efficiency

Smart technologies understand how to use data to improve. Track and analyze what is happening to ensure better results in the future. This means that processes and systems will be more efficient and you, as an individual, more productive.

Imagine that after a good night’s sleep, waking up exactly on time, you’re ready to start the day right, get rid of distractions and get to work on time.

5) Save money and time

Using smart technology devices like smart thermostats, smart lighting, remote energy management, water dispensers, washing machines, refrigerators, you can optimize energy consumption, reduce energy consumption, and do more. , You can reduce energy costs.

Smart technology automates repetitive tasks and eliminates waste and wasted time.


Offering a wide range of benefits across industries, the smart technology trend is already widespread and there are no signs of slowing down.

After all, we all want to save time and money and become more productive, comfortable and secure in the process. It is not?

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Unlock All Graphics PUBG CONFIG Mobile v1.8.0 (90 FPS, UHD, Extreme, HDR)



Unlock All Graphics PUBG CONFIG Mobile v1.8.0 (90 FPS, UHD, Extreme, HDR)

Update Config Unlock All Graphics for PUBG Mobile v1.8.0. This config is unlocking the intense framerate, HDR, 90 FPS, and radical HD for all devices. have you ever updated it to patch one.4.0? if you probably did, you’ll be able to do that config for a far better expertise or performance!

If you wanna additional, I already denote the UltraSound for PUBG Mobile one.4.0, simply use each if you would like, this’s not the EnjoyCz config, thus you’ll be able to use this with AN radical audio file.

I’ve tried this with POCO X3c NFC and it provides additional stable performance and no crash or force shut issue found once matching regarding 3-5 matches.

Please attempt it and provides Pine Tree State a report within the comment below, therefore the others will understand it’s work or not.

Note: once you have got with success put in this config, at once set or choose the graphics as you would like within the game, as a result of the graphics menu show can come to the default once you exited the sport, however truly the graphics settings stay as you selected earlier. This case the same as Active.sav.

Note: If you wanna play on HDR, make certain to use this config with Active.sav for selecting the Framerate as a result of there’s no choice for FPS on HDR & UHD. Browse Active.sav File assortment

Note: If you have got the “Force Close” issue, attempt to close up your mobile knowledge or wireless local area network within the game and hit “OK” and switch on your knowledge once more. Good luck!

How to Unlock All Graphics in PUBG Mobile v1.4.0?

•        Just transfer the config higher than

•        After downloading it, Open the config and extract it

•        You’ll found a file referred to as “game_patch_1.4.0.14924″

•        Nah, Copy or Move this file to

For PUBG Mobile Global: robot / knowledge / com.tencent.ig / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Paks / “Paste Here and Replace the previous one”

For PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan: robot / knowledge / com.pubg.krmobile / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Paks / “Paste Here and Replace the previous one”

For PUBG Mobile Vietnam: robot / knowledge / com.vng.pubgmobile / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Paks / “Paste Here and Replace the previous one”

For PUBG Mobile Taiwan: robot / knowledge / com.rekoo.pubgm / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Paks / “Paste Here and Replace the previous one”

•        Optional for clear the sport cache

•        Open your game

How to Use this Config on robot 11?

Have you updated your phone to robot 11? there’s some changelog they’re created and therefore the dangerous one is you can not access the FOLDER of FILE within the “ANDROID” folder. If you exploitation robot eleven, please scan this “How to Use Config PUBG Mobile on robot eleven (R)” or “How to Open and Edit robot Folder on robot eleven (R)”

That’s the straightforward tutorial for unlocking all of the graphics in PUBG Mobile patch v1.4.0, you’ll be able to unlock extreme, HDR, UHD, ninety FPS with this config.

CONFIG LINK= vidrnews.com

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