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Warped Tour Survival Guide



Warped Tour

Warped Tour

Over the past 25 years, the Vans Warped Tour has become one of the top summer events across the country and in the Bay Area. Although the Warped Tour is no longer held at AT&T Park, it continues to find a home in Northern California at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. The tour usually starts at the end of May and lasts until August.

While this happens during the warmer months, it’s important to remember the Warped’s rules of survival. The excitement can be overwhelming and seeing your favorite band on stage is great, but you should always think about drinking so you don’t pass out in the middle of a set. There are several hydration stations in the open space, as well as several steamboats leading to the amphitheater.

Staying cool should be a top priority, but you should also always have a charged phone. As a new addition to the tour, some locations now offer multi-plug charging stations that visitors can use to charge their phones. It might be a good idea to buy a portable power bank to avoid the long lines that often crowd charging stations.

When you first enter through the gate, look for stalls with paper stage maps. This is important on your journey through Warped, as seeing so many bands in one place can be intimidating. These cards provide important information such as the location of scenes and actions, as well as set times. They change from date to date, so if a live stream of another Warped show had a certain arrangement, it might be different in your city.

In addition to the paper cards handed out at the event, there is usually a giant booth that sets times (and meet and greet times) for select groups.

Some stalls also offer ear plugs, which are a must for any music festival. The closer a person is to the stage, the more likely they are to experience tinnitus and ear damage due to instrument feedback or simply because the music is loud. Having earplugs can reduce ringing so at the end of the day you can hear the person reading your entry and exit order to you.

The Bay Area is home to several music festivals, but the Warped Tour is the closest to home and one of the biggest events in the East Bay. Aside from the EDM festivals that take place in San Jose from time to time, Warped is one of the main festivals East Bay residents can look forward to every summer.

The list of participants for 2017 is available on the official website, and if something can change, it will be announced on social networks. Warped Tour is fun and exciting, but safety is the key to enjoy Warped tour!

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Mario Kart Tour Tips and Tricks



Mario Kart Tour Tips

Mario Kart Tour is a world travel game from Nintendo and Dena released on September 25, 2019. It is dedicated to racing in real locations and passing a series of tracks to get cups. Whoever gets the most points can win the game. In this game, you cannot play directly with your friends. But you can add your friends and challenge their results, and more; you can also compete with your friends all over the world. We will share Mario Kart Tour tips to play this game.

After you complete the tour, you will be given the opportunity to unlock new drivers, maps, equipment, etc. You can buy them with in-game coins or receive them as rewards for winning the game. This game has a points based system and it is a huge game. Let’s take a look at the best Mario Kart Tour tips that will increase your earnings.

Mario Kart Tour Tips for Achieving Victory

The winner of this game is determined by the points you have scored. It’s not just about finishing the race. Because it has a points based system and accumulating a lot of points is a must. The final points will be counted along with your race points + bonus points for combos your driver performed throughout the race + points for performing special moves, + points for position, which means the number of points you get for a position in your race (being first, second or third).

These stat points depend on the level or class you are in. The higher your level, the more stance points you get. So if you need to win the game, just focus on earning more points by completing different skills. Once you complete the game, you will receive experience points (XP).

Level up your Skills in Everything

This is just as important as the other Mario Kart Tour tips. Divers, karts and gliders have skill levels for every item you have. Improving these skill levels affects your winnings. You can increase these skill levels by rolling dice, buying duplicate items, or using skill level tickets. You can get these Level Up Tickets by playing the game, or if you have a Gold Pass, you will have more Tickets than regular users.

Mario Kart Tour Tips : Get access to the Golden Pass

This game is based on the pay to win system. Being a free player won’t help you much to win the game. All the best here for dollars. It has a system for calling the things you need by pulling the pipe. You can get whatever you want if you can afford to play with a lot more dollars. But if you’re not interested in buying all the items with real money, you can buy the Gold Pass.

The Gold Pass charges you $6.98 per month. It is more profitable than investing money in everything. The Gold Pass has a 2-week free trial. You can try it and decide on a purchase. With this golden pass, you can get more rewards than regular users. Not only that, you will unlock 200 CC, which is highly recommended for winning games.

Mario Kart Tour Tips : Drifting

Drift is everything in this game. This is one of the best Mario Kart Tour tips. Drift helps you change combos. Drifting is about holding a spin long enough to make blue sparks appear. Skids can be performed in 2 types.

  • Auto Drift: Hold your finger on the screen until blue sparks appear when turning left or right.
  • Hand Drift: turn left or right. Release your finger, touch and hold your finger. Then the driver will start to slip.

Focus on Ranked Cups: Mario Kart Tour Tips to Play Better

In this game rounds have two weeks. During these two weeks you have to go through two qualifying cups. Rare riders and select riders have an advantage in ranked cups. The more characters you unlock, the more chances you have to win.

You must compete with players who are at higher levels than you. It’s a given here. If you can get into the top 3 or 5 in these ranked cups, you will get many rewards such as rubies, coins, level up, etc. You can get a lot of rubies without real money by winning these ranked cups.

Mario Kart Tour Tips: Upgrade Your Base Points

Updating base points for drivers and gliders when necessary is essential to winning the game because it is a points based system. Base Points are the points you receive at the start of the game.

The base points are divided into two initial base points and maximum base points. The normal level has a maximum of 600 base points, while high-end controllers have a maximum of 800 base points. You can use Red Dot Booster Tickets to increase your Base Points and these are booster tickets that can be applied to any driver, kart or glider category. Instead of these tickets, you can max out these items for daily experience.

Mario Kart Tour Tips : Experience Level

XP means experience points are what you need to upgrade your base points. If you race at 150 CC and finish first in the race, you get 2-4% experience. If you go for 2 or 3, you will need significantly less experience. But if you come for 4, the experience you get is zero. If you are fifth or lower, you will lose some of the experience you have already accumulated. If you leave the race before it ends, your experience will also decrease.

Pulling out your Pipes

Rubies are the main currency in the game because they are needed to pull the pipe. You get ten spins for 45 rubies and one spin for five rubies. Doing ten pulls gives you one more extra roll. This is better than doing single jerks. There are two pipelines for the tour, 1 for each week. The pipelines are guaranteed to have drivers, maps and gliders. But you have 1/100 to get each of the items.

There are types of pipes such as gold pipe and green pipe. The gold pipeline is full of exclusive items such as high-end controllers. But green pipes are full of some common elements. Pulling the pipe is one of the best Mario Kart Tour tips. another thing about pipes is that they don’t often pull pipes. Shoot only when you need to shoot for the Ranked Cup. Save your rubies for ranking cups.


In this guide, we have already given you many Mario Kart Tour tips to help you level up and get exclusive items. During the game, use these tips to land massive hits.

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Elliana Walmsley Brother Luke Walmsley



Elliana Walmsley

Elliana Walmsley is a 15 years old young American dancer who first gained attention on the Lifetime reality series Dance Moms. Walmsley was born on July 1, 2007, in Boulder, Colorado, United States. She is the daughter of Kevin Walmsley, her father, and Yolanda Walmsley, her mother. She has two older brothers, Jakob Walmsley and Luke Walmsley. Her older brothers raised her from her childhood. It is because her mother was abusive to her. Elliana Walmsley brother Luke Walmsley is a TikTok star.

Luke Walmsley was born in the United States of America to his parents, Yolanda Walmsley And Kevin Walmsley. Luke is a student at the local private school. He is five years older than his sister Elliana.

Luke Walmsley is a TikToker with millions of followers. He posts videos of himself dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs. He has also posted videos of himself with his sister, Elliana. In one video, the two of them are seen dancing together. Luke has also posted videos of his mother that his mother Yolanda abuse his sister Elliana. But Elliana accuses his brother of a sexual assault on her when she was only five.

What did Elliana Walmsley’s brother do to her when she was 5?

It is a nightmare that faces Elliana Walmsley’s family. Elliana is a 14-year-old competitive dancer who alleges that her brother, Luke Walmsley, sexually molested her.

Luke is 19 years old and has lived with Elliana walmsley and her family for the past year. According to the family, Luke has been acting increasingly strangely over the past few months, believing that he may have been using drugs. On the day in question, Luke allegedly came into Elliana’s room while she was changing and began to touch her inappropriately.

elliana walmsley brother

Elliana’s parents immediately contacted the police, and police arrested Luke. He has since been released on bail and is awaiting trial. If convicted, Luke faces up to life in prison.

However, it is a nightmare for any family, especially for a family with a child as young as Elliana. Parents need to talk to their children about sexual abuse. And to be on the lookout for any signs that their child may have been victimized.

Did her mother abuse Elliana?

Luke Walmsley a TikToker with nearly 2 million followers. Recently he made a video in which he accused his mother of abuse. In the video, Walmsley alleges that his mother would hit and verbally abuse his sister, Elliana when she was a child. Walmsley says that his mother would often hit Elliana with different objects.

Elliana Walmsley brother Luke says he has witnessed this abuse firsthand, which has been going on for years. Luke’s video has gone viral, with many people commenting on his bravery in speaking out. Some have even offered to help Elliana if she needs it. This abuse is heartbreaking and unacceptable.

However, Walmsley says that he and his sister were terrified of their mother. And that he would often try to protect Elliana from her abuse. Walmsley’s video has resonated with many people as it highlights the issue of child abuse.

Elliana defended her mother, Yolanda

In a TikTok video, Elliana defended her mother Yolanda against accusations of abuse. She claimed that it was her brother Luke who sexually assaulted her. Elliana described the alleged assault in graphic detail. She said that Luke had repeatedly touched her inappropriately when she was five. She also claimed that her mother did not believe her when she told her what had happened.

Yolanda has denied all accusations of abuse, saying that she loves her children and would never hurt them. She also accused Luke of lying about the alleged assault, saying he has a history of making false claims.

She said, “I just want to say that my mom didn’t abuse me,” in the video. “My brother did. And I want people to know that because many people think that my mom did it, but she didn’t. She’s a good person.”

elliana walmsley brother

Elliana Walmsley said that her brother had sexually assaulted her multiple times. And that she had only recently begun to speak out about it. “I was scared to say anything because I thought nobody would believe me,” she said. “But I’m speaking out now because I want other people to know they’re not alone.”

However, it is a difficult situation for all involved. Elliana is deeply traumatized by what she says happened to her. And her mother is understandably devastated. This family needs support and counseling to help them through this difficult time.

Elliana Walmsley Career

Elliana Walmsley is a professional dancer who has taken the dance world by storm. She started her career when she was just 18 months old. And Elliana has since gone on to compete in some of the world’s most prestigious dance competitions. She is best known for her work on Dance Mom’s television show, where she has won numerous awards and accolades.

Walmsley began her dance training at a young age. And it was clear from an early age that she was a natural talent. She has danced worldwide, and her passion for dance is evident in her performances.

Walmsley is a versatile dancer; her style is a mix of contemporary and classical ballet. She is known for her grace, elegance, and ability to tell a story through her dancing.

Walmsley has had an incredible career thus far. And there is no doubt that she will continue to wow audiences for years to come. Her passion for dance is evident in her performances. She is a true artist who brings joy to those who watch her dance. However, her career is truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

What does Elliana’s Mother Do?

Elliana’s mother, Yolanda Walmsley, is working on her Masters in Literacy at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Yolanda chose this particular field of study because she has always been a “lifelong learner.”

And she feels that becoming a literacy specialist will allow her to help others similarly.

Yolanda is originally from New York City and received her English undergraduate degree from Fordham University. After working for a few years in the publishing industry, she returned to school to get her master’s. She says that she loves the challenge of academia and is enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the science of reading.

While Yolanda is still working on her degree, she is already using her knowledge to help her daughter Elliana with her reading. She is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help Elliana improve her skills. And she is confident that her learning strategies will benefit her daughter in the long run.

Yolanda is passionate about literacy and is committed to helping her daughter succeed. She is an excellent role model for Elliana. And we are sure she will continue positively impacting her daughter’s life.

Who is Luke Walmsley?

Luke Walmsley is a 19-year-old TikTok star and musician from Los Angeles, California. He is most well-known for being the older brother of professional dancer Elliana Walmsley, with whom he often collaborates. In addition to his work on TikTok, Luke is a member of the pop band “Why Don’t We.”

Luke first started gaining attention online in 2016 when he began posting videos on Vine’s social media app. He quickly amassed a large following on the platform. And when Vine shut down in 2017, he transitioned his career to TikTok. Luke has since become one of the most popular creators on the app, with over 4 million followers.

In addition to his social media work, Luke is a talented musician. He is a member of the pop band “Why Don’t We.”

The band has released two albums and several singles and has toured internationally.

Luke is a multi-talented young man with a bright future ahead of him. He is sure to continue to find success in both his social media and music careers.

FAQs on Elliana Walmsley Brother

What does Elliana Walmsley’s brother look like?

Elliana Walmsley’s brother looks like a young boy who is just starting to grow into his features. He has big, bright eyes and a mischievous smile. His hair is dark and curly, and he always seems in motion. He is full of energy and loves to play. He is also very loving and protective of his sister.

Does Elliana Walmsley have a brother?

Elliana has two older brothers, Jakob and Luke. In a TikTok video, she alleges that her brother, Luke Walmsley, sexually molested her when she was 5.

Conclusion on Elliana Walmsley Brother

Elliana Walmsley is a 14 years old professional American dancer who accused his brother Luke Walmsley of sexually assaulting her in childhood. Elliana has two older brothers, one of them is Luke. Luke Walmsley is a TikToker with million followers. Recently he made a video about their mom Yolanda, that her mom abused her sister when they were young. The video went viral overnight, and everyone blamed their mother as a child abuser. But, Elliana defended her mother over her brother Luke. She accused Luke of molesting her during their childhood time.

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Top 5 car trips



Top 5 car trips

Enjoying the freedom to choose when and where to stop is priceless, which is why traveling by car  is one of the best ways to travel. Not feeling tied to bus or train schedules or relying on taxis or rideshares make up for having to drive, sometimes hundreds of miles a day. If we add to this that on many occasions renting a car with time can mean paying up to half the usual price, car trips can be much cheaper than it may seem initially. There are many ideal countries to travel by car, we have made a selection of what we think are the 10 best car trips .

1. Iceland

Iceland is, without a doubt, one of the best car or campervan trips in the world . If you have a couple of weeks, you can complete a circular route to the island, without practically ever leaving the famous Highway 1, since most of the island’s tourist attractions are located around it. In Iceland it is possible to enjoy landscapes that seem from another planet, glaciers, waterfalls adorned with rainbows, volcanoes, black sand beaches or glacial lagoons, from the car and we can assure you that driving in the Land of Ice and FireIt is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on your travels. To make routes through the interior of the island, it is best to rent a 4×4 and to stay, it is best to book in advance, since there are not many and those that are available sell out quickly, especially in high season, which includes the months of July-August and part of September.

2. Tuscany

Although we have always thought that Italy is a perfect country to travel by road, there are several areas of the country that we believe are worthwhile to make a route by car . And despite it being difficult to choose only one, if we have to choose, the selected one would be La Toscana , one of the romantic trips that we have enjoyed the most and which we would repeat without hesitation. See its cornfields and vineyards, medieval villages and cities like Lucca, Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena…, being able to stop anywhere to taste its gastronomy in one of its many restaurants, make Tuscany one of our favorite places in the world. The best and, above all, the cheapest way to get to this area is to take a low-cost flight to Pisa, where you can rent a car at the same airport and in about two hours be in Siena, the heart of Tuscany, from where you can start to trace the route through the area, making a base in a city that you like or deciding on the fly, where to stay to sleep. Do you sign up for this idea?

3. Western United States

The trip to the West Coast of the United States is one of the longest trips we have made by car, but at the same time one of the most spectacular. Being able to visit incredible parks such as Yellowstone, Arches, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley or Yosemite, gave us some of the most beautiful images of the trip, which we will surely never forget. Being amazed by the immense Grand Canyon, doing a small part of Route 66, living (and sometimes hating) Las Vegas or sleeping in roadside motels, are just some of the many things you can do on a road trip .how are you. You must bear in mind that most cars in the US are automatic, so it is important to practice a little before going or even in the same parking lot where you pick up the car before hitting the road. It is also an obligation  to have good insurance, for the car as well as for you, something very important if you do not want to go bankrupt if you have a mishap in the United States.

4. Austrian

Austria is another of the best car trips you can do in Europe. A good time to do this route are the summer months, from June to September, since having many interesting areas at high altitude, such as the Tyrol area or the Grosslockner road, you will have more possibilities to access and not risk that are closed or to circulate you need chains. There are many places to see in Austria , if you decide on this trip by car you can not miss Hallstatt, the most beautiful town in Austria , the cities of Vienna , Salzburg or Innsbruck, which are also spectacular, as well as the Valley of the Danube, the Tyrol area or the Krimml falls.

5. Scotland, one of the best car trips

Scotland was one of our first rental car trips and to this day we can say that it is still one of the best trips we have ever taken. A good circular route by car can take us about two weeks, leaving from Glasgow or Edinburgh. There are many things to see in Scotland , land of castles, some of them as beautiful as Dunnotar Castle, Crathes Castle, Fraser Castle or the spectacular Elian Donan Castle, although it is also a land of lakes, some of them essential as Loch Maree, Loch Lomond or the famous Loch Ness with its Urquhart Castle. Also, if your driving route includes a few extra days, you cannot leave Scotland without visiting the Isle of Skye, seeing St. Andrews or getting lost in the historic center ofEdinburgh .
Keep in mind when renting a car that you drive on the left, so it is best to take it easy for the first few hours, being very attentive to the direction of travel and even being used to it, it is best to look at both sides to make sure of the direction of traffic.

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